General Terms and Provisions

General Terms and Provisions of Turkish Visa Practices

  1. Visitors who are not exempted from an entry visa must obtain their visas before their travel using or schedule an appointment with the Turkish consular offices using this online pre-application portal. In those countries where Turkey does not have a consular office, applicants can also use the online application portal for scheduling appointments with the nearest accredited consular office .
  2. In order to avoid inconveniences that may be caused by delays in processing, it is recommended to apply for visas at least one month in advance before the planned travel.
  3. The visas submitted to foreigners, do not guarantee absolute rights of entry to Turkey.
  4. Visa fees are not refundable in cases where applications are rejected.
  5. All applicants are required to have a medical insurance that will be valid during their stay in Turkey.
  6. The length of stay provided by visa or visa exemption, can not exceed 90 days within each 180 days. The regulation of 90 days of stay within the last 180 days is binding for all foreigners that will travel to Turkey.
  7. It is not possible for foreigners holding two passports to stay in Turkey, 90 days each with their two different passports within the last 180 days.
  8. In all types of visa applications, Turkish consular offices may issue visas with a maximum duration of stay of 90 days. The foreigners who wish to stay longer than 90 days in Turkey, should apply for “Short Term Residence Permit” at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration in order to extend their residence.
  9. The residence permit of the foreigners will be cancelled if they stay outside Turkey for longer than 120 days in total during last one year.
  10. For United Nations(UN) Travel Document (Laissez-Passer) holders who have blue UN travel documents, visa exemption with 90 days length of stay within the preceding 180 days may apply during their official visit to Turkey if they can certify their offical assignment. Red UN Travel Document holders, shall be exempt from entry visa and may stay in Turkey 90 days within the preceding 180 days regardless of their purpose of visit. General visa provisions shall apply for Blue UN travel document holders subject to regulations specified according to their country of origin. .
  11. Travel Document Holders (regardless of country of origin) will need to obtain a visa through a Turkish Representation abroad. Therefore, these applicants are required to schedule an appointment using the online portal.
  12. Visa applications for travels exept for touristic or trade purposes(work or study etc.) will need to obtain visa through Turkish Representations in the abroad.
  13. Any applicant under the age of 18 must submit official written approvals from both parents. For those applicants who certify that their parents are officially divorced and prove the parent holding their custody as well as for those with one parent deceased, visas may be issued in accordance with their purpose of visit.
  14. The authorization of processing the residence permit applications submitted by the following persons who enter Turkey availing visa-free regime and without requirement of obtainment of Student Visas lays with Local Immigration Offices (Provincial Directorates of Migration): Foreigners who arrive in Turkey upon invitations by universities under Turkish Higher Education Board to study at the associate, undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, Ph. D levels pursuant to international student exchange programs, cultural programs as well as under EU Education and Youth Programs.
  15. For foreigners wishing to enter Turkey via naval ports with touristic purposes, visa-free entry permits may be issued by the local governorates. These permits shall have a maximum 72 hours duration of stay and will be only valid for sightseeing purposes in the vicinity of naval ports where they entered the country. This practice, as it intends to facililated entry for those visitors subject to visa, does not entitle visitors to visa. Passports of these visitors are not retained by the border authorities; however, visitors are given ‘Harbour City Entry Permit’ which is required to be returned to the authorities upon their exits.